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Empowering Change 
on the frontlines of health


In 2015, Janssen EMEA made a three-year €5.7 million commitment to work with GCI EMEA to explore and support innovative programs that will improve the health and resilience of underserved communities.

Ramadan Basket initiative: Janssen employees donated food baskets for the 109 families in need and for the 289 children enrolled in the Family Strengthening Program of SOS Children’s Villages in Draria, Algeria

The focus of our current programs include Early Childhood Development and Strengthening Community Caregivers and Health Workers.

Beyond the programs, employee engagement is also an important objective of the Janssen EMEA GCI Fund. We establish links between our NGO partners, (in particular our preferred partner SOS Children’s Villages), and Janssen Operating Companies in order to connect Janssen employees to the needs of the communities and develop volunteering activities.

Examples of how the Janssen EMEA GCI Fund is being deployed.

Preventing Cervical Cancer in The Gambia
(Save My Mother Program)

‘Save my Mother’ is a Gambian program developed with SOS Children’s Villages and the Female Cancer Foundation, which is running cervical cancer awareness campaigns and training the medical staff and community health workers to screen and treat cervical cancer.

Janssen EMEA has committed over €260,000 on a three year basis. The aim is to reach more than 149,100 women, health care professionals and community workers with the ultimate goal of saving the lives of more than 4,000 women.

”Grow Happily” Program

This three year program is one of the main initiaves of the Janssen EMEA GCI Fund. We are working with SOS Children’s Villages in Russia, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Nearly 100% of the children arriving from infant care institutions have development gaps, and this program aims to reduce these gaps long term by building specific capacity for the SOS caregivers (mothers, fathers, aunts, foster parents, social workers, etc.) to be able to recognize and work on these gaps on a daily basis.

Mental Health Program in Northern Iraq

The mental healthcare system in Northern Iraq is very limited, with few psychiatrists and psychotherapists available and specialized in managing post-war trauma. There is a truly urgent need to increase the number of trained professionals in this area in order to manage the children and youth traumatized in the last years because of the war.

For this, the Janssen EMEA GCI Fund is working with SOS Children’s Villages to create a network of psychosocial workers trained in post-war trauma management.

Supporting ECD initatives in rural communities in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

The Janssen EMEA GCI Fund is supporting a three year and €600,000 partnership with the Aga Khan Development Network.

The program is supporting early childhood development initiatives in rural communities in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The partnership aims to support 20,280 children aged from 0 to 3 years, and more than 10,784 parents and care givers. The partnership focuses on the overall cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children.