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on a positive impact


As well as attending the upcoming 2019 One Young World Summit, scholarship recipients will receive individual coaching from senior Johnson & Johnson leaders to further develop their aspiration, strategy and/or initiatives

Wesam Eid DDS, Specialist in Public health,Head of Programs & Co-Founder for AHS Organization,Turkey

Wesam Eid is working in Syrian Humanitarian Operations as Head of Programs for the NGO (AHS). AHS, set up in Syria, vision is to be the most effective and successful organization in crisis management and rescue victims of wars and disasters by offering emergency response to the needy and help affected communities recover through development of own resources and capacity building.

It is my goal to create a world in which everyone can live healthy and have productive and fulfilling lives, regardless of who they are or where they live – says Wesam.


In his role as Head of Programs, Wesam oversees a multitude of health and nutrition projects in Syria, including primary health care centres, mobile health units and community-based health programs providing primary health care and nutrition addition to Secondary and Tertiary health services.

The conflict in Syria has devastated the lives of 6.2 million people currently internally displaced in Syria and 5.6 million Syrian refugees with no place to call home. Wesam is contributing in his own meaningful way to support these vulnerable populations by developing and deploying fixed and community-based health programs, providing them with integrated health and nutrition basic services obstetric. In 2018, AHS positively impacted 320,000 people in the Health and Nutrition sector.