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on a positive impact


As well as attending the upcoming 2019 One Young World Summit, scholarship recipients will receive individual coaching from senior Johnson & Johnson leaders to further develop their aspiration, strategy and/or initiatives

Sharon Yabilsu MHPSS Field Officer,International Committee of the Red Cross,Nigeria

Sharon Yabilsu is a Clinical Psychologist with over 4 years’ experience in the development, planning and implementation of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in humanitarian context in North East Nigeria, a region that has continued to face a critical humanitarian situation

“I believe that if carers, family, friends and communities are equipped with basic psychological support skills, it will facilitate more health seeking behaviour among people living with mental illness and increase their capacity to cope. Caregiver mental health education will go a long way in alleviating mental stigma” – says Sharon.


Sharon is an open, approachable young change maker, with a strong interest in helping people cope and rebuild their lives after traumatic experiences. Alongside serving in the humanitarian setting, Sharon is the founder of Selvedge Psychology, a behavioural health social enterprise that teaches on how to support loved ones seek professional help and cope with mental health illness.