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on a positive impact


As well as attending the upcoming 2021 One Young World Summit, scholarship recipients will receive individual coaching from senior Johnson & Johnson leaders to further develop their aspiration, strategy and/or initiatives

Radhika Batra President & Founder,Every Infant Matters,India

Dr Radhika Batra received her medical degree from India and is currently specialising in Pediatrics. She is the Founder and President of Every Infant Matters, an NGO focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged children by carrying out blindness prevention, promotion of breast feeding, deworming, and others health related activities.

Radhika has received several international awards for writing, debates and poster presentations. She is a prolific writer and a Huffington Post blogger. Her article on organ donation was published in the Times of India main newspaper.

In 2015, she received a Fellowship to work as a Clinical Researcher at the University College London. She previously worked in Operation ASHA as Clinical Research Associate where she was responsible for creating training modules for community health workers and preparing and carrying out health related awareness activities.

Radhika was the Public Relations Officer on the National Board of the Indian Medical Students Association from 2012-2014, a body of over 2000 members, spread across India. Her compassion and love for children makes her the right person to lead her own NGO, where she has successfully developed partnerships with International NGOs to provide free medicines for children.

“I will change the world by improving the lives of children worldwide. Rightly has it been said that the children are the vision of the future. In a world where 1.4 million children go blind every year due to preventable causes, I shall provide the much-needed preventive measures to ensure vision. Blindness is a known cause of poverty, mental afflictions, and even loss of lives, which must be prevented. The gift of sight will ensure happiness and will prevent stigma and discrimination. Because of vision, there will be better education, jobs, and ultimate economic empowerment which will benefit the entire world.”