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on a positive impact


As well as attending the upcoming 2021 One Young World Summit, scholarship recipients will receive individual coaching from senior Johnson & Johnson leaders to further develop their aspiration, strategy and/or initiatives

Paulina López Uribe Physical Therapist,Co-founder, Physical Therapy Program Coordinator, Proactible ,Mexico

Paulina López Uribe is a Mexican Physical Therapist graduated from the Universidad del Valle de México and is working to increase the positive impact in people with a movement disability.

Paulina has been volunteering since 2016 for the non-profit NGO “Tecnologías para la Comunidad A.C” and is a founding partner of the social enterprise “Proactible” where she is in charge of the physiotherapy program. Here, she improves the physical therapy practices for people with a lower limb amputation; preparing them physically before getting a prosthetic, and after getting the prosthetic to enable them to improve physical condition, self- knowledge and confidence so they may be able to walk again.

Currently, Paulina is working on her thesis for her professional degree, researching the biomechanical differences between people with an amputation above the knee and under the knee and looking for physiotherapy treatments designed specifically for each individual, so that they can easily achieve the goal of walking again and being independent.

“I believe in a society with more accessibility to technology and healthcare services. I want to bring together all available resources and provide specialized attention to people with lower limb amputation, creating an all-encompassing rehabilitation plan. In Mexico, only one out of ten amputees have access to a prosthetic, and only one third know how to use it correctly. I want to make it possible for every single person with a lower limb amputation to have the chance to walk again by improving accessibility to a prosthetic, and thereby providing the chance for them to take a first step…again.”