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on a positive impact


As well as attending the upcoming 2019 One Young World Summit, scholarship recipients will receive individual coaching from senior Johnson & Johnson leaders to further develop their aspiration, strategy and/or initiatives

Allison Crha Registered Nurse,Health Care Advocacy & Legislative Council,USA

Allison Crha is an Emergency Department Nurse with expertise serving in Washington D.C.Allison is passionate about empowering nurses to use their voices to advocate for patients at the bedside and to inform health policy.

“The Emergency Department is a microcosm of the community it serves and the frontlines of our country’s health disparities. I believe it is the enthusiasm and creativity of the next generation that is up for this challenge to address these disparities. We need to lift up traditionally unheard voices to reimagine a healthcare system that serves all” – says Allison.


From a young age, Allison knew she wanted to devote her life to serving others. She was immediately drawn to nursing because of its’ emphasis on science and humanity. Working in the Emergency Department motivated her to vocalize the injustices she saw in our current health care system and inspired her to lead a hospital-wide council focused on Healthcare Advocacy and Legislation. The council educates and advocates for patients in local and state governments as well as on Capitol Hill. In addition to meeting with multiple elected officials, she has briefed Congress on the critical role nurses play in the future of America’s healthcare. She believes that spreading awareness about the broader societal impacts on our health is the first place to start changing the health of patients and social injustices.

Allison obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Gonzaga University, US. She holds multiple certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Saving and Adult/Pediatric Trauma Nursing.