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on a positive impact

Working with Save the Children to support children in Egypt

Children’s survival in rural villages in Upper Egypt and in urban slums in Egypt is high with 49 deaths per 1000 live births in the poorest areas. Nine out of ten of these deaths occur before the child's first birthday, and about one half occur during the first month of life.

Barriers include: poor health services offered to vulnerable communities; lack of trained health care professionals; poor adherence to medical advice and poor knowledge of health, hygiene, nutrition, early stimulation and responsive care practices amongst mothers.

Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact EMEA is partnering with Save the Children to deliver community-based solutions that improve the lives of the most vulnerable, by improving local hygiene, nutrition, responsive care and health practices as well as strengthening the capacity of the health workforce to deliver integrated services.

Impact on the front lines

Maria* is a 32 year old mother of four children. Her oldest child is in Grade 7 and her youngest is four months old. Despite having given birth three times before, Maria learned new information on brain stimulation and caring behaviors that helped her better take care of her fourth newborn. Maria worked as a teacher before she left her job to take care of her first baby. Maria participates in Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children’s holistic and integrated health and child development-focused project called “Moments of Caring”.

Moments of Caring aims to ensure that babies and young children in Egypt’s poorest areas receive appropriate health, hygiene, nutrition, responsive care and early stimulation guidance in a way that empowers families to help their youngest children survive and thrive.

Maria’s story in her own words:

“When my sister first told me about the Save the Children’s awareness sessions, I felt that it would benefit me a lot despite being a mother before. She told me that in the sessions I would learn new and correct [parenting] practices unlike what we were raised on. Actually, with Michael*, my new born baby, I did a lot of [interactive activities] with him that I didn’t do with his siblings because I didn’t [know better]. I attended healthy pregnancy and nutrition awareness raising sessions. In these sessions, I [learned] the importance of taking care of my health because it affects the baby. So, I started maintaining a healthy lifestyle and drinking a lot of water.

I started telling my sister-in-law about what I learned in these sessions, then she joined the awareness sessions to be able to take better care for her children. Even when I go to congratulate mothers for their newly born babies, I tell them about the sessions and important tips I learnt. I feel that I want to pass on the knowledge I gained to other mothers as it’s essential to the baby’s health.”

*Name has been changed for beneficiary protection.


More information on the partnership with Save the Children can be found here