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#PressforProgress in Health

How five women are #transforminghealth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

400 million people across the world do not have access to basic health services. Making up roughly 75 percent of the health workforce and a quarter of global health leadership, women are in a special position to address this need.

As part of the Johnson & Johnson 2030 Promise, we are committed to providing women on the front lines of care with the skills and opportunities to improve the health for the world's most vulnerable people, their families and their communities. In honor of International Women’s Day, explore the stories of five remarkable women who we proudly support in pressing for progress in health across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). From an early childhood specialist teacher helping young Syrian refugees move past the trauma of war, to a scientist developing a patented suit for future Ebola outbreaks, Patience, Christine, Sareena, Gloria, and Rita are lighting up the front lines of care across the EMEA region.

Patience Osei, Johnson & Johnson One Young World 2017 Scholar, Product Development Manager, Johns Hopkins University

As the product development manager for Ebola personal protective equipment (PPE) at Johns Hopkins University, Patience has successfully patented two new Ebola suit designs, and even traveled to Guinea and Liberia in the midst of the outbreak to test the protective clothing on healthcare workers. Learn how Patience is moving her projects forward as a Johnson & Johnson One Young World 2017 Scholar.

Christine Nthenya, Peer Educator, North Star Alliance


As a sex worker and a peer educator with our Flagship Partner North Star Alliance, Christine combats harmful stigmas and is a powerful advocate for the health of her community. Watch her video to learn how she connects vulnerable populations in Nairobi, Kenya to HIV testing and cancer screenings from North Star Alliance’s vast network of Blue Box Roadside Wellness Centres. 

Sareena, teacher, Lebanon, Save the Children

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At least three million children in Syria have grown up knowing nothing but war. As an early childhood education specialist teacher with our partner Save the Children, Sareena helps boost Syrian refugee children’s self-confidence and allows them to be kids again. “I believe teaching is the most important profession, because teaching a child is like teaching your own child for the future,” believes Sareena. Watch her video to learn how she is building the resiliency of Syrian refugee children.  

Gloria Havyarimana, 2017 Strategic Innovation for Community Health alumna, Burundi Country Director, LifeNet International


“I’m very failure-averse, but it’s very hard to lead organizational change when you’re afraid to take risks,” shares Gloria, an alumna of the 2017 Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH) program offered by Johnson & Johnson in partnership with INSEAD. As the Burundi Country Director for LifeNet International, Gloria had to learn to embrace change herself in order to lead her team to innovate and see their work at LifeNet differently. Watch Gloria’s video to hear her share how she applied her lessons learned at STICH to LifeNet International.

Rita Batista, Johnson & Johnson Reverse Secondee, Human Resources Assistant, Aga Khan Foundation Portugal

“I’m passionate about making my colleagues happier and more satisfied at the workplace.” As an HR assistant with our partner the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Portugal, Rita strives to make AKF the best workplace possible for her colleagues. Through a four-month pilot “reverse” secondment with Janssen Human Resources, Rita learned new ideas and skills that she can now adopt and bring back to AKF. Meet Rita!