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on a positive impact

#OYW2019 might be over, but the real work begins now...

ByElsa Varughese

The 10th One Young World Summit wrapped up over a week ago in London, bringing together young leaders from over 190 countries. I’m still processing the four days of sessions, roundtable discussions, networking, and workshops. 

Heart is overflowing with pride for my company for investing in young leaders to drive change for a healthier humanity. Extremely grateful to J&J Global Health for partnering with One Young World to mobilize the leadership of the current youth. As challenging as it is to condense the Summit into a few short points, here are few key messages which resonated with me:

  1. JK Rowling: from childhood hero for authoring a novel series that elevated our imaginations to currently an advocate for the voiceless. aims to end child trafficking in orphanages, stop volunteerism & tourism of orphanages, and educate the public about critically thinking about how they contribute (financially, physically, etc.) to these institutions.


  2. Professor Muhammad Yunus: inspired us to tap into what’s already in our DNA, namely our ability to problem solve. Reminding us that nothing is impossible for human beings and encouraged the delegation to convert imagination into reality. “We determine the world we want to live in and for that we must take action.”


  3. Vas Narasimmhan: powerful message on the importance of having an attitude of servant leadership #unboss. In order to visualize progress, it’s necessary to consider all the possibilities. Authentic leadership begins with curiosity, self-awareness, and belief in yourself.


So, what now? Armed with all this knowledge and inspiration, action is imperative. This summit has prompted me to think critically about how I use my time and resources. Do I research and intentionally donate money to worthy causes? Have I identified areas of need and organized solutions to fill the gaps? Is my inclination to listen and learn, channeling a childlike curiosity? 

I challenge you to evaluate yourself and please share your thoughts! Would love to collaborate with you if there are certain capacities where our passions overlap!

“Don’t wait for someone older than you to validate what you want to do with your life.” -Omar Ghobash. These words left a lasting impression; we are never too young to do things, we must be careful about comments from outside sources and be resilient against the grain of this world.