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on a positive impact

One Young World 2019 | Surprising Myself, Surprising Humanity, Surprising the World

ByJerico Jay Bueno

Surprising Myself

While on my way back to my hotel on a hot April day from trade checks – I received an email indicating that it was the last day of applications for One Young World . I had no idea what One Young World was; but I got my game on and poured my soul in a 100-word essay on why I had to be chosen to be as a Johnson & Johnson representative and sent it in 10 minutes before the deadline being the clutch person that I am.

I eventually surprised myself by getting in and representing the Philippines in a Summit that seemed so foreign but changed the way how I look at the world’s most pressing issues.

Surprising Humanity

The energy of like-minded young change makers was infectious – human connection that will never be replaced by emojis or millennial catch phrases. Hearing our modern-day heroes talk about their passions and turning it to lasting impact; it gives me hope that we will surprise humanity and create change. Here are some amazing excerpts in driving youth movement from the One Young World conference:


  •  “Together we can, together we will” – Jane Goodall


  •  “Don’t wait for someone –old– to validate your life choices and say you’re doing a great job” – Omar Ghobash


  •  “For action to happen, we just need a little more magic to happen and this starts with us” – Bob Douglas


  •  “Imagining doesn’t cost you anything – so why not imagine the wildest things possible” – Muhammad Yunus


Surprising the World

“Oh you work for the baby company?” a phrase that has been repeating every time I met a One Young World delegate and I can proudly correct them and say “I work for the great health care company”. It was surreal that we get to work with Tracy, our 2019 J&J OYW scholar – a nurse and the lead for the Community Health Movement in Uganda and uncover new business models and/or initiatives to advance their cause together with my J&J buddy team from across the world – Anna (Belgium), Adele (France), Sibongile (South Africa) and Ciara (Ireland).

I’m more than proud to work for a company that puts importance in building our resiliency for change; using our passions to create a domino effect that will surprise and shake the world.

In retrospect; the whole experience was nothing short of amazing – met great people of same wavelengths, learned new things on how we can spark a change; but it did instill to me a resounding echo to create more surprises. Don’t be afraid to take that step to Surprise Yourself, Surprise Humanity, and Surprise the World.