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on a positive impact

Domino Effect of #ResiliencyForChange: J&J Booth 2019, Domino Knock Down

Watch the time lapse video of the J&J booth during the 2019 One Young World Summit from start to finish, including the full domino reveal.

During the Summit, OYW delegates were encouraged to take a quiz at our J&J booth to find out what type of resilient leader they were. As a next step delegates were invited to our ‘hug area’ containing big fluffy hug balls where they could hug / take a moment to recover from their busy day. As a final step, delegates were asked to make a pledge on how they would commit to their own health and well-being this year and in the years to come. We closed the summit with the domino knock-down built by domino artist during the OYW Summit days, showing delegates how adaptability, recovery and growth all come together to build greater resilience. As we all know, that when you take care of yourself, you are more equipped to take care of those around you. The domino knock-down showcased ‘the domino effect of resiliency for change’, J&J’s theme for 2019.