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on a positive impact

Coaching for an Accessible World

ByCésar A. Millán S., Janssen Chile Country Director and Coach for the Johnson & Johnson One Young World Change Maker Program

To truly change the trajectory of health for humanity, we know that we must continue to build leadership capacity in the health and care giving arena, particularly among youth, our future leaders. One initiative to meaningfully engage young people with our world is the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) partnership with One Young World, bringing together over 1,400 young leaders from across the globe and from all sectors, including health, government, business, etc., at a yearly Summit to debate, formulate, and share innovative solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Janssen Chile board heading off to GILA 2018

For the Johnson & Johnson delegates and scholars who attend the Summit, the four-day conference is a highlight, but it is neither the beginning nor the end of their transformative experience. In fact, the Summit is part of a broader J&J OYW Change Maker Program, an initiative that takes course over six months and provides aspiring young leaders with wrap-around support, from coaching to thought leadership training, so they can further develop their goals and advance their passions.

I’m honored to participate in the J&J One Young World Change Maker Program as a Coach to an inspiring young scholar, Paulina Lopez, who founded Proactible in her home country of Mexico. Proactible is an impactful, much-needed initiative supporting patients who have suffered from an amputation to recover mobility and improve their life quality in a country where only one out of ten amputees have access to a prosthetic, and only one third know how to use it correctly.


As a physical therapist, Paulina sought out a way to make it possible for every single person with a lower limb amputation to have a chance to walk again. By combining education and technology, Paulina has drastically improved her patients’ accessibility and use of prosthetics and dramatically improved the chances of them being able to take their first steps again. While our work together has only just begun, Paulina has already expanded my understanding of different people’s experiences, backgrounds, needs, and perspectives. I’m eager to draw on my own experiences, as well as channel the experiences of the J&J leaders and mentors who come before me, to help Paulina discover new ways to be efficient and effective, as well as uncover new opportunities for her organization to deliver improved services and reach more people.

Johnson & Johnson’s continued partnership with One Young World since 2013 and my opportunity to coach young leaders like Paulina, couldn’t come at a better time.  At a time when many multinational companies are just beginning to think about how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their business strategies, Johnson & Johnson, led by our Global Community Impact team, continues to dedicate our time and resources to contribute to the health of our communities and society.

Just this year alone, J&J announced the winners of our inaugural GenH Challenge, an initiative focused on finding innovations with the potential to help make future generations the healthiest yet. We spotlighted the new and unique perspectives of the inaugural class of Johnson & Johnson Fellows at Devex World this past summer. Our employee secondment program in EMEA, which allow employees to work directly with our non-government organization partners for four to six months, celebrates five years this year. And our Global Pro Bono Program, a spin-off of the Secondment Program, offers our North America and Latin America employees a four-week, fully immersive assignment opportunity with one of our partners on the front lines of care.

The annual One Young World Summit, which takes place in a month in the Hague, The Netherlands continues our Company’s incredible year of engagement with the world around us and the young leaders who play a powerful role in shaping its future. I can’t wait to hear from Paulina about the discussions and decisions she will get to be a part of at next month’s Summit, and I look forward to what’s in store for our next generation of leaders!

About the Johnson & Johnson One Young World Change Maker Program: Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is committed to empowering young health leaders within our Company and beyond to change the trajectory of health for humanity. Since 2013, J&J has partnered with One Young World (OYW) to provide young leaders with unique opportunities to learn from inspirational world leaders and to debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for some of the world’s most pressing health issues. The partnership is managed by J&J Global Community Impact which supports and champions people on the front lines who are at the heart of delivering care. To date, 90 J&J OYW leaders from across the globe have participated in the J&J OYW Program. In 2018, 77 J&J OYW delegates (65 J&J employees and 12 external aspiring scholars) will participate in the six months program and attend the OYW Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands from October 17-20.