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on a positive impact

78 Young Leaders Changing the Trajectory of Health of Humanity

ByAnnet Eijkelkamp, Director J&J GCI Employee Engagement EMEA

Samoa’s first and only optometrists. A stylist turned CEO bringing #HappyPeriods to the United States. The founder of one of Bogotá’s leading teen pregnancy prevention organizations. A champion for Afghan women’s mental health and safety. This is but a glimpse into the tremendous accomplishments of the 12 young health leaders selected from a pool of 4,736 applicants for this year’s Johnson & Johnson One Young World Scholarship Program. As with last year’s first group of Johnson & Johnson One Young World Scholars, I am so inspired by these young people’s motivation and dedication to uplift the health of their communities.

Joining our group of scholars is our largest delegation of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) employees ever to attend the One Young World (OYW) Summit since the beginning of the J&J OYW Partnership in 2013 (90 employees have attended to date!). From research and development specialists, to marketing experts, to business intelligence and policy experts, 66 young leaders from around the world and across the J&J businesses will be spreading their wings at the OYW Summit this year, growing into more globally and socially conscious leaders who will shape the future of our Company and the world.

So now that they have been selected, what happens next?

As part of our six-month J&J OYW Program, all our scholars and delegates will take part in a series of leadership activities, including attending the Summit in The Hague from October 17-20. Each scholar is teamed up with a small buddy team of J&J Delegates who support them in tackling an identified professional need. Pooling together their expertise, the team ideates and implements solutions that advance the scholar’s mission. J&J employees on the other hand gain a truly unique opportunity to a play a part in their teammate’s inspiring work, opening their hearts and minds to a new the world.

In addition, scholars are paired with a J&J Senior Executive to receive 1:1 coaching and tap into J&J’s network of resources to expand their footprint. As we learned from last year, the comradery and exchange of information provided through the buddy teams and coaching create exceptional and memorable learning occasions for all involved.

Our J&J delegates also receive 1:1 mentoring from a J&J employee. Together, they explore how to further the delegate’s professional growth and determine how to leverage their platform as a J&J employee to benefit the health of their community.

As many of you know, I am passionate about providing young leaders with the guidance they need to unlock their full potential. And I believe that this mentoring for our employees is critical to empowering them to be the change they want to see in the Company, and in the world.

J&J OYW Theme for 2018: Health for Humanity Starts in the First 1,000 days

This year’s OYW Summit theme is “justice” in honor of the 70thanniversary of the universal declaration of human rights. We know that a more just, equitable world, is one with Universal Health Coverage. This belief inspires our relentlessly drive toward better health for all, and our theme for this year’s presence at OYW is a direct reflection of this. If we want a healthier world, one of the best places to start is at the very beginning, the first 1,000 days (pregnancy through first two years of child’s life). By ensuring a healthy mother and child in those first precious days, we take a big step toward achieving our Company’s purpose to positively change the trajectory of health for humanity.

Our robust J&J OYW Program is integral to our Company’s commitment to jumpstarting young leaders’ careers as the innovators and leaders of the world’s health systems, bringing critical health services to those who need them most. Through the J&J OYW program, our J&J delegates and scholars will learn about the importance of a healthy first 1,000 days and how our Company is taking action to make this a reality, from partnerships with organizations like mothers2mothers preventing mother to child transmission of HIV, to resources centers like BabyCenter bringing parents vital information on their parenting journey.

I know without a doubt that our talented group of 78 young leaders is part of the solution to reaching our goal of health for all. Please join me in congratulating them on their accomplishment to date and wishing them luck on the journey ahead!

Meet the full Class of 2018 here and follow their journey on @JNJGlobalHealth (Twitter or Instagram) to see what else is to come on the road to the One Young World Summit 2018.